Services We Offer

Sprinkler Repair

We evaluate your system, get the right water schedule and resolve high water bill issues!

Repiping Service

Get updated rigid PVC pipe system along with a WiFi controller for increased automation.

Virtual Visit

Get on Zoom/Skype with a rep for remote system support or to change your water schedule.

Sprinkler Repair, Installation, and Repiping Services

In recent years, Sonora Sprinkler has worked to develop solutions for deteriorating polyethylene drip systems. We specialize in repiping poly hose drip systems with rigid PVC, a durable alternative to thin-wall pipe. Through our careful handling of the existing landscape, we are able to install irrigation systems without compromising the curb appeal of your home, restoring the landscape to the exact former appearance.

Other projects we work with include system remodel/revamp, wire tracing/valve locating, hydraulic system troubleshooting, and solutions for water conservation.

As a licensed contractor, we strive to deliver the best value possible on every project. Our office staff is responsive and our customers know that placing one phone call will bring them peace of mind as we take on their problem and deliver a long-term solution. So, in the future, whether it’s an irrigation leak or an inquiry for a new system, don’t hesitate, consider Sonora Sprinkler.