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Discover unparalleled care for your landscape with Sonora Sprinkler’s expert Sprinkler Repair service. As a energetic family-owned business serving the northwest suburbs of Phoenix since 1995, we bring a legacy of experience and a personal touch to every repair. Our licensed professionals are masters at revitalizing sprinkler systems of all sizes, ensuring optimal performance and water efficiency. From precise evaluations to tailored solutions and eco-friendly water scheduling, we go beyond fixing systems – we cultivate healthy, vibrant outdoor spaces while honoring our deep-rooted commitment to family values and community. Experience the difference of genuine care with Sonora Sprinkler’s Sprinkler Repair service.


No! We do our absolute best to preserve your landscape while we repair your underground pipes. Some of our customers have said they wouldn’t have know we were there after their repair was complete. You don’t have to take our word for it, here’s a testimonial someone left for us:

“…They were good on their word and I was amazed that I couldn’t tell where a pipe had been laid from my front yard to the back. The person who oversaw the estimate, installation, etc was very patient and helped me formulate the plan for my back yard, providing suggestions for the best way to provide water coverage…” – Geraldine S.

Signs of a hidden leak may include consistently soggy or overly lush spots, unexplained water bills, or decreased water pressure. If you need help finding a leak, we can use our many years of irrigation experience to pinpoint hidden leaks and prevent further damage.

Sprinkler heads that fail to pop up or retract may be hindered by debris, dirt, or worn-out components. They can also fail to pop up due to a hidden leak in your system preventing the water pressure from pushing the sprinkler head out of the ground. If you are unsure what is causing the issue, we would be happy to inspect your system and diagnose the issue.

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the optimal performance of your sprinkler system. Bi-annual inspections, before the start of each watering season, can catch potential issues early and keep your system functioning efficiently.

If your sprinkler system isn’t following its programmed schedule, it could be due to a faulty timer/controller or wiring issues. A professional can diagnose the problem, repair or replace components as needed, and ensure your system operates reliably.


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